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Summer School „Photonic Integration“

“From September 25th to 29th 2017, this year’s summer school takes place in Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder dealing with photonic integration. Academic institutes as well as companies present their portfolio and knowledge on photonic integration.
Photonic (Light) plays an important role in daily life and future technologies. It is, for example used in high-speed telecommunication, sensor systems, test- and measurement systems and lighting. Improving things like speed, size, power consumption and number of integrated function drives the development for various semiconductor materials and their monolithic or hybrid integration.”

Time: 25. - 29. September 2017

Registration deadline: 30. June 2017



Further information​:

OpTecBB e.V. , Dr. Frank Lerch
Registration: summerschool2017@optecbb.de 

Flyer for Download: http://www.optecbb.de/lang/media/aktuelles/ OpTecBB_17_Flyer_A4.pdf

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