Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation the Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2020 will be online without charge!


The online version of the Photonics Day Berlin Brandenburg 2020 will be organized in several online seminars from October 5 until October 8.

We have over 100 speakers from over 20 countries covering the following topics: Fiber Optics, THz Analytics, Soft x ray analytics, Optics for Solar Energy, Photonic Integrated Circuits, AgriPhotonics, Quantum Technologies, Ophthalmology, High Power MIR Laser Technology, Manufacturability of high precision optical and LIDAR systems.

Additionally, a B2Match platform will allow individual 1:1 match making sessions.  


The workshops will be held as online seminars without charge.

Seminar language: English.

For more information, a detailed program, and the registration link, please have a look on our Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2020 website.


PLEASE DON'T USE THE "register now" BUTTON on the right-hand side!!! The button is disabled. REGISTRATION is ONLY possible via the Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2020 website!!!


If you are interested in a sponsorship of the Photonics Days Berlin Brandeburg 2020, please contact us.


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