PIC International

The 9th PIC International conference aims to connect, educate, and inspire the photonic integrated circuit (PIC) industry. With presentations covering seven sectors, attendees will gain insights into topics like Hybrid PICs: Pioneering New Frontiers in Photonic Integration; PIC Packaging: Securing Optimal Integration and Performance; Quantum Era: Unleashing PICs' Boundless Potential; Rapid Scaling: Foundries Fuelling PICs' Mass Production; Accelerating PIC Adoption in Established Markets; PIC Size and Simulation: Enhancing Design Efficiency, and Power Efficiency: Minimizing Consumption in PICs.
This conference, part of AngelTech, brings together three chip-level conferences focusing on compound semiconductor, PIC and Power Electronics technologies. AngelTech creates a comprehensive event with over 800 delegates, 80 exhibitors, and 120 presentations. This unique setup allows attendees and exhibitors to engage with the complete relevant supply chains, as well as customer and supplier bases.
The event offers a comprehensive overview of the global integrated photonics industry, facilitates networking opportunities with industry leaders, and showcases the latest advancements in PIC technology. Themes like hybrid PICs explore the integration of different material platforms, while packaging focuses on efficient assembly and protection. Quantum PICs discuss the potential of quantum properties in photonics, and volume scaling with foundries enables cost-effective mass production. Deployment in established markets highlights the benefits of PICs in telecommunications and data centers, while PIC footprint addresses size constraints. Additionally, strategies to reduce power consumption in PICs, such as efficient component design and power management techniques, are discussed.

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