International Day of Light 2024

On 16 May, we celebrate the International Day of Light together with you!

The International Day of Light is a global initiative that emphasises the importance of light and its role in science, culture and art, education, sustainable development and many other areas.

The date of 16 May was chosen because physicist Theodore Maiman developed the first functional laser on 16 May 1960.

The International Day of Light pursues the following goals:

  • Improving public understanding of how light and light-based technologies affect the daily lives of all people.
  • Building global educational capacity through activities focussed on promoting young talent, particularly in developing and emerging countries.
  • Emphasising the connection between light, art and culture
  • Promote international co-operation by using the International Day of Light as a central information resource for activities coordinated by NGOs, government agencies, educational institutions, industry and other partners.
  • Strengthening basic research, global professions in this field and promoting investment in light-based technology.
  • Promote the importance of light technology and the need for access to light and energy infrastructure for sustainable development and for improving the quality of life in developing countries.
  • Raise awareness that technologies can play an important role in achieving greater energy efficiency.

All information about the International Day of Light can be found at

There you will find numerous materials and inspiration on the subject of light.