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WORKSHOP Laser Technology 
18th October 2018


  • 9:15 Welcome Address
    Justus Eichstädt, Chairman Laserverbund Berlin Brandenburg e.V., TH Brandenburg
    Thomas Beck, Spokesperson Focus Area Laser Technology, Siemens AG
  • 9:20 The Market for Lasers and Laser Systems Worldwide and in Europe – Growth Across the Board
    Arnold Mayer, CEO Optech Consulting
  • 9:50 From Micro Structured Fibers to Super Continuum and Ultrafast Lasers
    Wolfgang Gries, Senior Director Global Laser R&D, NKT Photonics
  • 10:10 Laser Applications in Solar Cells, Industries and Research
    Mohammad Hossein Azhdast, Laser Technology Specialist, Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH
  • 10:30 Industry / Start-up Pitches
    • BeamXpert GmbH
    • DiaMonTech GmbH
    • Magnosco GmbH
    • M Squared Lasers
  • 11:30 Strategieworkshop: Lasertechnik in der gemeinsamen Innovationsstrategie der Länder Berlin und Brandenburg
  • 13:30 Laser technology in Poland
  • Piotr Lesiak, Warsaw University of Technology
  • 13:50 Current Laser Mold Repair Technology by Additive Manufacturing and Laser Cleaning Business
    Yoshihiro Takiguchi, The Graduate School for the creation of New Photonics Industries Nobuhide Takeda, Toshiyuki Shibahaara, Hirotaka Katanahara, Kunihisa Fukuyo, Inga Conrad, Kazukaki Toyosawa and Noriyo Muraki
  • 14:10 Laser Technology in Brazil and the Company Welle Laser
    Rafael M. Bottós / Gabriel M. Bottós, Welle Tecnologia Laser SA PART III IPK Workshop on “Laser Material Processing”
  • 14:30 Surface Modification of Dental Abutment Implants to Restrain the Biofilm Formation Link for presentation
    Luiz Schweitzer, Fraunhofer IPK Heinz Kieburg, Laser-Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg GmbH
  • 14:50 Future Trends in Additive Manufacturing Link for presentation
    André Bergmann, Fraunhofer IPK
  • 15:10 Laser and Hybrid Laser-arc Welding of Cryogenic 9%Ni Steel for Construction of LNG Storage Tanks Link for presentation
    Sergej Gook, Fraunhofer IPK
  • 16:30 Welcome at Fraunhofer IPK
    David Domingos, Fraunhofer IPK