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Activity Fields


Laser Technology

Over the last years, the laser has established its position as universal tool more and more; e.g. lasers are used in the fields of materials processing, medicine, communication and measuring technology. As cross-section technology and innovation driver laser technology not only serves photonics, but also other industries.

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Lighting Technology

Light is everywhere. Whether in private rooms, at working places, in public areas or in traffic, light at all makes our modern society possible. On the other hand, lighting technology also more and more gains importance in terms of design and event technology.

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Optics for Communication and Sensors

Since the beginning of the internet era, transmitting gigantic amounts of data over wide distances in as short a time as possible became a natural component in our daily lives and work places. Thereby, optical communication technology and fibre technology represent the technological base of today’s internet.

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Optical Analytics

Light as measuring instrument – the exploration of the laser also brought new methods, improved measuring productivity and measuring accuracy for the optical measuring technology. Today, optical measurement methods are being used for a wide range of fields, not only in the industrial food production and the pharmaceutical industry, but increasingly also in environmental analytics.

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Biomedical and Ophthalmic Optics

Optical technologies are an indispensable component of today’s Biomedicine and exploit more and more new areas of application. Thereby, the focus of photonic research lies on basic optical operating principles and innovative optical methods for prevention, diagnostics, therapy and analytics. Fields, in which biomedical optics are proved to be useful are for example laser-induced thermotherapy for tumor treatment, optical sensors for the application on biological tissue.

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Microsystems Technology

Smaller and smaller, more efficient, more reliable and at lower cost at the same time – these requirements not only determine today’s electronic market. It’s impossible to imagine our everyday live without complex, miniaturized electronic and optical systems. Equally you cannot imagine everyday live without microsystems technology, worldwide regarded a key technology of the 21st century. Microsystems and microsystems technology products offer wide-ranging perspectives and markets for industry and research.

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