Polish-German Photonics R&D online seminar

OpTecBB seminar in course of PHOENIX III

Within the current PHOENIX III project OpTecBB e.V. is fostering the exchange of knowledge between polish and Berlin Brandenburg based Photonics companies and research institutes. It is the aim of the project to promote inter-disciplinary and cross-border discussions on new photonics technology development. By this means we derive new bilateral projects and invite participants from both sides of the border to productive discussions.  

Above all, COVID-19 taught us that local cooperation is more important than ever. In Germany for a long time and now newly founded in Poland, there are strong communities of research institutes that strive for industrial cooperation: In a series of three online seminars, a German community and the new Lukasiewicz research community each present an example with an institute. The aim of these seminars is to get to know each other in order to initiate new ideas and partnerships / markets here and beyond the Oder.



Polish–German partnership: Technology development between Łukasiewicz-ITE and a German Healthtech company
Adrian Mahlkow (OUT e.V., Berlin)   


Optoelectronics Capabilities at Łukasiewicz-Instytut Technologii Elektronowej
Darek Szmigiel (ITE Warschau)   

Abstract: Łukasiewicz-ITE is a part of Łukasiewicz Research Network which works to support and promote the development of innovative technologies. In this seminar, key capabilities of the Łukasiewicz-ITE in the design and fabrication of micro and nano-devices will be outlined. The institute's ability to cooperate with German entities will also be briefly discussed.


Packaging technologies for Photonics and related systems
Rafael Jordan (Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin)

Abstract: Fraunhofer IZM is one of the first joint institutes with expertise from East and West Germany after the reunification. Photonic packaging is a key technology enhanced since the foundation. Substrates, interfaces, housing, systems and more are under development with respect to the operation conditions, thermal and thermomechanical stress, mechanical accuracy, process compatibility of components, price/quality ratio, and much more. The talk will give an overview about technologies bring photonic packaging forward to success.  


Seminar language: English.

Seminar tool: Cisco Webex platform.    

Start: June, 23 at 3:30 pm (CEST)


Please register following the link on the right hand side until June, 21. We will keep you informed and send you the invitation link via Cisco Webex.      


Phone: +49 30 6392 1727
Mail: optecbb(at)optecbb.de


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