VirtualLab · Design & Analysis of Diffractive Beam Splitter & Light Diffuser

VirtualLab Fusion Applications, Technology & Workflows

Duration and Intended Audience:

  • 4 hours per day | 2 days in sum
  • Additional 30 minutes technical check on first training day

Technical Environment:

  • The online training will be implemented with the platform “GoToMeeting”.
  • Detailed technical instructions will be provided to participants in time before training. 


Due to repeated requests from you, our users, the topic of this training is on diffractive optical elements (DOEs), we are now happy to announce that we are offering courses in this area again!

Through its revolutionary approach of offering a catalog of multiple interoperable modeling techniques on a single software platform, VirtualLab Fusion allows its users to navigate the ever-relevant compromise between accuracy and speed with full flexibility and control. With VirtualLab Fusion, your simulations of complex optical systems containing all manner of components can be as accurate as needed, and as fast as possible!

DOEs are just one such type of component. In the upcoming class we will cover the basic configuration and handling of our iterative Fourier transform algorithm (IFTA) optimization. We embed this process into two real live applications:

  1. In the first scenario, a diffractive binary beam-splitting element focuses the input beam along a specific light pattern.
  2. As a second example we will walk through a possible workflow for designing and analyzing an optical setup using a light-diffusing DOE to create the LightTrans logo high on the façade of a building.

In this course, we demonstrate how to put the IFTA design and analysis process in the context of our state-of-the-art simulation engine, in order to benefit from the advantages of our latest technology when it comes to full system simulation.

Take part in the course and see for yourself!


Hartwig Crailsheim
Senior Optical Engineer

Hartwig Crailsheim is employed as a Senior Optical Engineer at LightTrans International. Among other tasks, he conducts webinars and training courses based on VirtualLab Fusion. 



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