Biomedical Optics and Ophthalmology

Prof. Dr. Justus Eichstädt
FON: +49 338 1355380
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Today, optical technologies are an indispensable part of biomedicine and are constantly opening up new areas of application. Photonics research focuses on basic optical functional principles and innovative optical methods for prevention, diagnostics, therapy and analysis. For example, laser-induced thermotherapy for the treatment of tumours, optical sensors for use with biological tissue (e.g. haemoglobin and water content in the skin), minimally invasive surgery using lasers, the development of fluorescence cameras for the visualisation of metastases in lymphatic pathways, molecular imaging and the development of microcameras for endoscopy all belong to the field of biomedical optics. Furthermore, research and development of telemedical procedures, such as telemonitoring for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, are part of biophotonics and represent the next step for a future "personalised" approach to medical treatment. This is associated with a young, growing market in which Berlin-Brandenburg is well positioned thanks to the close cooperation between local companies and institutes, both in the development of new processes and products and in the provision of high-quality equipment and components.


  • Disposable diagnostics based on biomarkers for point-of-care and germ diagnostics, infectology, hospital hygiene
  • Diagnostic imaging techniques (Raman, fluorescence, XUV, CARS, multiphoton excitation, photoacoustics...)
  • Optical, non-invasive sensor technology for vital signs Skin as a window onto the inside of the body
  • The eye as an interactive information processing system