Lighting Technologies

Prof. Dr. Stephan Völker
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Light is omnipresent and is what makes our modern society possible, whether in the private sphere, at work, in public or in the realm of transport. At the same time, lighting technology is also becoming increasingly important in the areas of design and event technology.

Due to the development of new semiconductor technologies, the lighting industry has been in a state of transition for several years now and a new lighting market is emerging: Traditional light sources such as light bulbs are increasingly giving way to modern semiconductor-based light sources that are characterised by their energy efficiency and performance. The high degree of integration into existing lighting systems and the wide range of electrical control options offered by solid-state lighting also open up completely new areas of application.

With a view to exploiting the specific possibilities of LEDs (light-emitting diodes), "intelligent lighting" and "tailor-made light" will increasingly be the focus of lighting research and development in the future. For example, aspects such as pleasant colour temperature, optimum light quality, the durability of light sources and research into the physiological effects of light on humans are all likewise gaining in importance. 

Particularly in Berlin—the "City of Light"—the future technology of lighting technology combines tradition and modernity and is one of the most exciting areas of activity in the Optics Cluster. The history of lighting technology—out of which AEG, Osram, Semperlux and Siemens all arose—goes back over 200 years in the capital region. Today, about 3,000 people work in the predominantly small and medium-sized companies on the transition to semiconductor technology. While lighting technology now stands for design, innovation and atmosphere, it also stands for energy efficiency, and it lights up the region all year round—not just at the annual "Festival of Lights" in Berlin.


  • Addressability of light in outdoor lighting
  • Individualisation of light in interior lighting
  • Measurements and products for visual and non-visual effects