Initial vocational training

The training occupations in optical technologies and microsystems technology cover a wide range, including optician, precision optician, precision mechanic, electronics technician e.g. for devices and systems, industrial mechanic e.g. for equipment and precision engineering or specialising in production engineering, car body and vehicle construction mechanic, mechatronics engineer, microtechnologist, construction mechanic e.g. for sheet metal engineering, physics laboratory technician, event technician, dental technician and many more.

A first practical introduction is provided by the brochure "Lehrberufe in den Optischen Technologien" ("Apprenticeships in Optical Technologies"), published by our partner network, the competence network Photonics BW.

You will find an up-to-date overview of training and apprenticeship professions in optical technologies and microsystems technology in Berlin and Brandenburg in our current educational atlas.

Education and Training Network for High Technology Berlin (ANH Berlin)

Since 2007, ANH Berlin has been primarily active in the fields of micro- and nanotechnologies, optical technologies and the solar industry/photovoltaics. The network advises and supports regional companies and research institutions in all matters relating to dual education and training. In addition, pupils are informed about various training occupations in the high-tech sector and contact between schools and companies is initiated.

ANH Berlin also strives to improve the transition from education to study. In cooperation with the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, a model is being developed for the recognition of qualifications from vocational training as a "microtechnologist" for the bachelor's programme in microsystems technology and optical technologies. Furthermore, ANH Berlin develops additional modules to respond to practical needs and to provide trainees with the necessary qualifications for entering the profession.