School education

OpTecBB is currently developing an exclusive network of partner schools in the area of school education. Among other things, the Photonics Explorer will be made available to these schools.
A mentor, an OpTecBB member, also provides a link between the photonics and MST community in the capital region and the school.


Primary school

Initiatives at federal level also aim to get boys and girls of primary school age excited about optical technologies. An overview and suggestions can be found at:


Secondary level

The focus of the Innovation League is on promoting stronger networking between schools and institutions from industry and science in the area of photonics/optical technologies. Companies offer plant tours and internships or donate a high-tech product for teaching purposes. Project weeks at universities and company laboratories inspire the students. The photonics industry is very committed to students. A small selection of such "school projects for older pupils" shows the possibilities of close cooperation between companies, universities and schools. We would love to inspire others to do the same!


Student laboratories

The GenaU network brings together student laboratories at research institutions and universities in Berlin and Brandenburg. Experimentation courses for entire school classes can be found here for every age group and every STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). They are supplemented by further working groups and teacher training.