Photonics for Communication and Sensors

Dr. Henning Schröder
Fon: +49 30 46403 277
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The transmission of huge amounts of data over long distances in the shortest possible time has been a natural part of our everyday and working lives since the beginning of the Internet age. Optical communication technology and fibre optic technology represent the technological foundation of today's Internet.

The volume of data transferred increases exponentially every year and places ever-greater demands on communication networks. The importance of optical networks, which transport the required data quickly, safely and reliably, will continue to increase in the future, as will the demand for optical and optoelectronic components and subsystems, which constantly increase the transmission capacity and reduce the error rate and runtime in the system.

Photonics for communication and sensor technology is one of the six areas of activity in the Optics Cluster Berlin-Brandenburg. The capital region is very well-positioned in terms of optical communication technology. World market leaders, internationally important research institutes and highly innovative young companies can be found here.


  • Development of high-rate dynamic communication systems
  • Photonic system integration (chip-integrated and hybrid)
  • Optical sensor technology for position determination and analysis (fibre-optic, free-beam optical, waveguide-based)

The group meets every first Wednesday of the month online or at partner companies on site. At each meeting there is an exciting keynote speech, an exchange about the cluster activities and "one-info-from-everyone-for-everyone":

    03.01.2024 Christmas holidays
    07.02.2024 Swissbit (on site)
    06.03.2024 Eagleyard-TOPTICA (online)
    08.05.2024 Institute for Crystal Growth (on site)
    05.06.2024 Epigap-OSA (online)
    06.07.2024 Summer break
    06.08.2024 Summer break
    05.09.2024 Crystal (on site)
    06.10.2024 NN
    06.11.2024 Coher Sense (online)
    04.12.2024 NN